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ange ([personal profile] ange) wrote2008-01-17 09:43 am

back into the void

I don't want to type "been a while" out of quotation marks, and so I won't.  If I have to gnaw off my fingers at the second knuckle, so be it. News: I'm back at school, doing post-grad in English, the way I should have the first time.  But you know what I really miss?  fandom.  And you! 
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HI YOU! How's things, how's life, how's post-grad English? Splendid to see you again! *G*

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HI! I'm great -- apart from essay stress, which I thought was over forever, but oh well. It's sunny and I have a private garden, a pile of books and beer. So, y'know. Doing fine. *g*

What about you, though? Are you on your traditional cricket season buzz? I hope so. There will be mass backentry reading very soon, mark my words.

I'm grinning at you. Just so you know.