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Hey! I got a Dreamwidth code - apparently just by having an OpenID that got picked out of a hat, or whatever the digital equivalent is - so I am now ange over there (and my, am I glad to be rid of the numbers). I feel kind of guilty for swiping the code when there are so few around at the moment and not being a very active member of the fannish community, so I guess it was the kick in the pants I needed to get posting again.

State of the fandom?

Fandom that:
- makes me laugh and want to buy the world a coke = Leverage.
- makes me wince ideologically and slightly obsess like a nutjob with slight over-investment issues = Supernatural
- makes me want to snort sugar out of little packets and throw glitter in great clouds around my couch and its surrounding area = Merlin

all in the privacy and concealment of my own home, you understand.

Lately, I have decided to consciously focus on the happy. This would have seemed like a no-brainer, but, well. No.

Other things:

Thanks to [personal profile] cupiscent for reccing Orisha recently (great haircut btw, doll) and[personal profile] bossymarmalade for, y'know, writing.

And you guys, would yet another rec list with commentary be handy and/or useful? I have links to so much greatness in so many fandoms, and I'm thinking of doing something with all of them. Or is it del.ic.ious or nothing these days?


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