Apr. 29th, 2009

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Oh MAN, the amount of due South that I have been watching, lately; it is enough to sink a battleship. Mainly the RayK period, because lo, these many years ago when I started reading due South fic - with only the vague memory of a guy in a red coat from a 1990s TV ad to guide me - it happened to be RayK fic. Ergo, RayK forever! There is something very soothing about diving back into old fandoms - remembering the old love and feeling it all over again at the same moment, but with all the sharp edges smoothed over and sanded away. Y'know, sepia. It's restful, especially when real life is stressful and your current fandom isn't very happy place right now (DAMN YOU SAM AND DEAN, SCREW NARRATIVE INTEGRITY AND GET TO THE MAKING UP). (Also yes, the funny is there, but it keeps colliding with my embarrassment squick, so let's all PLEASE PUT THE FOURTH WALL BACK UP, JESUS).

But yes, due South is *restful*. And I'd forgotten just how quirky it is -- you'll get a transvestite bride, an opera-singing mortician named Mort, a story about how Yukon John bit off Haystack Calhoun's ear in a wrestling match, and a tired man crying over his steering wheel in the dark, and all those elements will live quite happily together.

But do you know what hit me on this re-watch, after a fair while of watching Arthur and Merlin (and Sam and Dean) being really very young protagonists? How... wonderfully *grizzled* Ray and Fraser are. Even Fraser with his pretty baby face is pushing forty, and you can tell. And I really liked it. I made myself sick by murmuring something aloud about how in coming years we'll probably have fetuses starring on television and then going to make a cup of tea. Which probably means I should just go and buy some blue rinse and a shotgun and have it done.

Anyway, I thought I had a point about the settling weight of years versus the weight of buckets of emo, but the truth is that I don't have a point. If I waited until I had a point before posting, I'd be waiting until kingdom come.

God, I miss snarky buddy shows. Action! Mortal peril! Escapes! Bizzare displays of snarky bromance where snarky bromance is actually displayed!


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