Mar. 18th, 2005

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I found the quote in the subject line (or something like it) after following a bunch of links and now I can't remember who said it.  Hail comrade, whoever you are!

Long absence due to too much work and murky depression at finding myself at home with the olds again, with no easy escape from family drama.  Flat hunting was a special kind of hell, given that every place I saw  was either way too expensive or a hovel.  But! Have scored new digs, am moving in April, am of the opinion that there are no words in English for the feelings of relief and overwhelming joy that the thought of new digs gives rise to in me.  It's sort of like yeast for the flattened soul.

What I did on my holiday: I  found out I'm on the Filet Mignon cluster, goddammit. I have started learning Russian for no good reason (but then, who needs one?).    I have read a book of essays by Jenny Diski called "Tales from the Bed and other Observations", which you should really read; I have wallowed in the Archer and rejoiced in the return of crack to my fiction; I have started reading a lot of SG Atlantis despite not knowing what the characters look like (which seems to be the way I do things in new fandoms, go figure).

In short, still alive.  I think it was [ profile] violetisblue who said recently that the less you post, the harder it is to think of things to post about.  Well, she's right. *G*  I haven't been very connected lately.  But I want you to know that I still love you.  Yes I do. 


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