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And this is a numbered list of things I have to say:

1. There are a lot of awesome ST XI vids around, and I am COMPLETELY impressed, especially since the vids are awesome despite the source being the same shitty telesynced copy that I've got (the one that cuts the screen down on all sides so it's not so much STAR TREK, as "AR TRE" the movie populated by sometimes headless people in extreme close up). In summation: damn I can't wait for the DVD.

2. Connected to the above: the crappiest thing about the telesynced copy? THEY CUT OUT SULU'S SWORD EXTENDING. I have good money to spend on this DVD, bring it on.

3. I had a "discussion" with an older relative earlier tonight about the role of women - based on the "story" about the "resurgence of the 50s housewife" on "60 minutes". "". (I fucking hate fucking 60 Minutes, as an aside). His position was that upheaval and confusion about the role of the genders destabilised society and made everyone unhappy. I said that in situations where there the options existed, life choices (including that of being a stay-at-home mother) should actually *be* choices for the women involved, and that I didn't see any particular value in stability if it involved great swathes of the population just *being quiet* about being unhappy so that everyone else could feel comfortable.

The conversation (and really, this was all very quiet dinner table stuff) stopped there because older relative couldn't understand way I was so *angry* and why did I have to *go on the attack* all the time, and he just wasn't going to *bother* because it was so hard to *talk to me*. And I wasn't angry actually (I can *understand* the appeal of nostalgic placidity, even as I think it's wrongheaded) until he *told me* I was. Because he completely shut me down. I couldn't complete another sentence on the topic, however calm, without being told to "just drop it" before I'd gotten to the verb. and that makes me fucking *fume*.

4. But I'm at home now, with vodka, so. Fine.

5. hey 42Below Feijoa ILU.

6. After the fiasco at the older relative's earlier tonight, I spent the uncomfortable after-dinner portion of the evening in the corner with my laptop. So I used his bandwidth allotment to download porn, I win, the end.


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