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And also hearthands.

The amount of trek love around this corner of the internet is really more glee-making than I can say. And it's not just newTrek! People are suddenly discovering favourite old TOS stories and putting them on rec lists! Reading the Star Trek tie-in novels! And talking about them! I could wallow on the internet all day!

New fans of old Trek, here are some things that have been well-loved by me that I haven't seen pop up already:
In newTrek, I haven't met a pairing I didn't like or have any time for. In TOS? There can be only one (apart from Uhura/Chapel). See this ship manifesto (thanks, Killa!) for why.

Cathy German. She writes gen, but gen so full of love that it will stun you. She writes about the Enterprise and its crew with both idealism and loving mockery, and as it turns out, that's how I like it best. She is also why I've spent all afternoon in the Orion archives.
You should read There Would Be Others for love of the command trio. And Speaking the Language, for love of Scotty. You should read This story, for love of a random ensign; this one, for general hilarity; and this one to break your heart.
Don't forget this one, for the aforementioned love and mockery. You should read everything else she has written as well.

As far as the tie-in novels go, read this tag and this post, with comments for a mountain of recommendations. Personally, I think you should start with Diane Duane, (Spock's World, My Enemy, My Ally and The Wounded Sky among others), and Diane Carey's prequel books, Best Destiny and Final Frontier.

Oh, Star Trek. How I have loved you. And how I hate coding.


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