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New Star Trek movie! \o/ I've been waiting for this forever! Or, ever since that first preview which had absolutely nothing Trek in it at all (it was Nasa radio noise and some guys in suits drilling) until Leonard Nimoy's voice intoned "Space...the final frontier" and I had to make an effort to stop my face from leaking. I embrace the very strong cheese that is TOS, and don't know why Leonard Nimoy's voice should make me feel weepy. Except, now that I think of it, that I probably would have been able to pick his voice out in a dark room from the time I first started school. I've known these characters a long time. I'm invested, damn it all.

New Spock is awesome, and really quite a departure from the Spock of the series.. They share traits - a certain (often justified and therefore even more annoying) arrogance; a prissiness about rules; an adherence to Vulcan logic rather than human emotion, but somehow the emphasis is different. Original Spock was almost more Vulcan than Vulcan precisely because of his human half. He would not have been capable of acknowledging feelings for Uhura, never mind kissing her...t was the work years for him to be able let himself feel his own emotions and act on them without making excuses. And importantly, by the time he acknowledged his feelings, he he had wisdom and age behind him. Movie Spock is prissier in his lip service to logic, and far less in control emotionally - even before Vulcan was destroyed. I've never heard "live long and prosper" mean "fuck you all" so blatantly as when Spock used it to blow off the Vulcan Science Academy. His relationship with Uhura didn't bother me at all (except for the genderfail for Uhura actually) because this Spock has already taken the lid off his own feelings - his path is going to be quite exciting. I can't wait to see where it goes.
(I maintain that Spock would never smooch Uhura on the fucking transporter pad, and Uhura would never let him. Chris Pine was funny with the whole "omg, HIM?" reaction, but that didn't save it for me. They are professionals! Also, Spock! Kissing in public! Whatevs! I did think the scene in the transporter was lovely, though.)

Uhura is beautiful and smart (enlarged skill set! Yay!) and is finally getting some play (Yay!) and totally wasted in the Star Trek universe (which I was hoping this movie would change, but didn't). Not all stories about women are love stories! Or sex stories! Or stories about mothers! There was a particularly shitty moment in the theatre when someone yelled "Kirk got the green bitch!", and I wanted to fireball the entire place. Uhura was fought over in a bar over her protests, ogled in her underwear and defined by her rejection of Kirk and acceptance of Spock. She intercepted the Klingon transmission that put the Enterprise on the right track, but got totally upstaged in the reveal. She is awesome in spite of all of this, because she has always been more than I've been shown. My favourite exchange was after Spock had assigned her to the Farragut so that he wouldn't be accused of favouritism.

Uhura: I'm on the Enterprise.
Spock: *checks his clipboard* Yes you are.

I love New Kirk! I love that it's Chris Pine playing Kirk and not Chris Pine playing Shatner, which would have been disastrous for both of them. And this Kirk, despite his heroism, is kind of a hilarious mess. He's brash and cocky, and he has enough talent and flair to back it up, but he spends a lot of the movie getting spanked for his cheeky arrogance in various literal and metaphorical ways before he can really work it. This makes me smile. Sometimes Kirk warranted a slap, and I say that as someone who has always fangirled Kirk (I want to say I love the idea of Kirk more than the execution, but that's not really accurate). You can see the Kirk I love in TOS episodes like Balance of Terror, where he is every inch the Starfleet Golden Boy and also only too aware of the position he's in and what it costs him. By no means a Superman, just a man with a weight on his shoulders, and bearing it well. The Kirk in this movie is not that Kirk, not *yet*, but he's learning.

This is reflection after the fact, you know. Apart from the genderfail, which I had steeled myself for, I squeed through this entire thing. I squeaked when the lights went down and that beeping noise started. George Kirk made me cry even as I wondered why his pregnant wife was on board! I liked that it is officially AU - it meant I could love the reboot without retro-fucking TOS *clutches DVDs* Karl Urban was an awesome McCoy! Scotty managed to upstage everyone just by drying his ear!I even liked Chekov! It was completely implausible, but that is okay because "stupid, but awesome" is my favourite thing!

I'm helpless in the face of Star Trek, man. They had me at "beep".


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