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Months, I say.  If only I had news of any kind.   I've been around, totally not posting.  Stuff's happened, to be sure:  my sister got married, and that was months of stress leading to beauty.  My living situation has changed a couple of times, finally settling into a gorgeous little flat with a gorgeous little garden that is mine!  All mine!  Mine and nobody else's! And I really couldn't be happier, after a long, long period of trying for happy and falling short.

So now I'm finally settled, I really want to get back into this LJ thing.  I've got nothing much to say, but hey, man.  You have to start *somewhere*.  I'll start with pressing post.

I'm sitting in my lounge working my way through the entire Granada series of Sherlock Holmes, so I think we can take it as read that I'm doing pretty neat. How are you all, lovelies? 

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Date: 2007-04-11 11:51 am (UTC)
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How did I miss this post? Bloody hell. HELLOOOOO! I've been meaning to call/email you. Surprise trip to Nelson for Case etc...

And, almost more importantly, new SGA this week! Well, at least Rodney and John aren't going to get pregnant and desert us, unless you believe the fic...

Anyhoo, call me! Home number in white pages under Bartel (Alameda) if you have no money on your phone.

I miss you. *smooches*


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