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Okay, so.  I have officially followed everyone and their uncle off the cliff.  *draws hearts around SGA*  It's Ronon and his big yellow coattails.  I swear, I couldn't resist climbing on.  I've been watching season two in terms of: there are Ronon's arms, and there's Ronon's big-ass gun, and there's Ronon with knives, and there's Ronon kicking ass, and there's Ronon pilfering the nibbles and sticking them in his pockets.  I, too, have pilfered nibbles.  I have held my hair up with a really pointy kebab skewer.  Plus, I'm totally hot for Sheppard.  Me and Ronon, man, we're like *this*.

On that note,

The torture storyline left me feeling... uncomfortable, but hmm.  No one seems to be mentioning that torture totally happened.  Repeated tazering, anyone?  Please note the mighty pain and the distinct lack of unconsciousness on Caldwell's part. It may have been aimed at the Goa'uld, but that's *Caldwell's* body, arching on the hard floor; that's *Caldwell's* blood on his own lips. All for the access code.  How is that not torture?  As for Kavanaugh,  being so terrified that your brain cuts out and you faint?  That's a special kind of torture all on its own.  Having said all that, they (the writers and the characters) handled the issue...  much as I would have expected.  I'm not sure what that says, to be honest. About anything.

My real issue with the episode?  The anything-but-unplugged RenFaire stadium ballad. I'm sorry to be so shallow (or I would be, if I knew anything different), but c'mon.  The city's being evacuated, the Wraith are overhead and Teyla gets "dressed up", implants a mic and sings for a while?  This is canon, now?  Dude. It's *Teyla*.  I have this image of Dead Old Lady making her final wish: "...and I want  mood lighting and gourd drumming and synthesisers, and Teyla, I want you to wear Arwen's coronation dress and BE BLOWN TO A FINE RED MIST AT MY WAKE. I'm not going down alone! Promise me this."  Just, god.  I kept thinking about how much better it would have been if they'd done the ceremony... half-assed. Which sounds weird, but imagine.  Teyla and the body, and possibly the guy with the gourd to keep time, hunched over in the jumper bay with people ferrying boxes around  them, and Teyla trying to filter out the background noise and keep singing, telling herself (telling all of them): I can still sing the damn song. Telling them: this is what it is, to live under the Wraith: they steal the security of custom; *this* is what they steal from us, and we survive by stealing back the important parts. Telling them: I promise,  I'm doing what I can.  You know?  The ceremony could have said important things about the Athosians, and the shadow that the Wraith cast, and Teyla as a leader, if it had been, y'know.  half-assed.  With the added bonus of maybe hitting poignant instead of omg-I-can't-stand-it-where's-mute?.  I have a hair trigger embarrassment squick, and boy, was it ever tripped watching Teyla fold her hands into the opera pose.  I didn't last two seconds after that.

In conclusion:  hokey science fiction makes my heart sing. 

This entry seems  kind of flippant  after so long an absence, but hey.  Whatever gets you posting, right?  The reasons for my even longer than usual hiatus are lengthy, depressing and mostly over and done.  I'll tell you this much, I'm sitting here with "Runner" cued up to play, and I'm smiling.  How're you?


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