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So, I recently rejoined the internet after an extended real life holiday, and Numb3rs has swept me away.  Not surprising really, given that I have a long-standing mania for curly-headed geeks and the gun-totin' hotties that love them.  I also have a mania for other curly-headed geeks who love curly-headed geeks ("curly-headed geeks" being the obvious constant in this equation), because god knows  I'm nothing if not easy. 

Now I'm sort of wondering whether the reason SG-1 never grabbed me viscerally, despite the quality of a lot of the stories I've read, may have been  Daniel Jackson's lamentable lack of curl. 

Loving Numb3rs.  I'm in that shiny new fandom place -  the place where you check the same 10 sites obsessively for updates and read your five favourite stories over and over and over without getting tired of them.  I like it here.  I love pretty much everything about this show:  Don wearing all these *straps* at crime scenes;  Charlie standing next to  blackboards; Charlie standing next to whiteboards; sexy looking equations all over the place.  I love the tense but loving sibling vibe.  I love proud and worried Papa Eppes.  Man, I'm so gone.  I'm even reading books about number theory (good freaking Lord), and have come to realise that I haven't actually been bad at maths all my life, it's more that until now, whenever anyone started talking about maths I totally stopped listening.  All you need is an angle of approach, apparently, and mine is pretty smarm brothers and family love and gay sex, which, you know, cool.  I only have four episodes at the moment, but one day, they all will be mine.

I keep wanting to write 'math', but no!  The word is plural in my country!   

In other news, emo boys snogging on a dare.  I don't have a lot to add except that I tried to explain to a friend about the emo boys snogging on a dare, and she looked at me quizzically and asked me if it was stuffed.  We sort of stared at each other for a bit, then I confessed that I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, and she said couldn't imagine a live deer lying there and putting up with boys snogging on it. wtf, man.

But! Snogging, yes.  Go read Making Sure, because [ profile] cupiscent has always done it right. When you're done, read Bare Naked.  Because she hasn't stopped. *g*

Randomly,  I spent some time last week cleaning out my picture folders and I realised I'm nostalgic for old school popfandom.  You know the huge neon  watermarks that used to get plastered over concert pictures, that everyone always complained about?  They made me feel all misty. As in, "aww, there's  "jc'n'" in hot pink right across their chests!  Those were the days! Where'd those days go? " etc.  Which is completely insane, so I don't suppose I can go throwing stones at people who think snogs and roadkill go hand in hand anytime soon.
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