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I've been more than a little tongue-tied when it comes to things LJ, lately.  My words don't come out write, if you know what I mean.  Real life's been depressing (am being, for all intents and purposes, evicted by way of rent increase; am clean, quiet and responsible with bills; can I come stay on your couch?) and disillusioning. Add  the fact that I'm finding it hard to write a shopping list these days, stir well and serve warm.  But. Onward and upward;  let your smile be your umbrella, etc.
Fandomly speaking, ever since reading Killa's wonderful essay in [ profile] ship_manifesto, I've had an embarrassingly geeky resurgence of Trek love.  Which always seems to happen when things get quiet, truth be told. I don't know if I should put it down to  the unrelenting cheese, the abundance of primary colours and sparkles in the costumes and set (even the bedspreads in sickbay are spangly, I swear), or the fact that everyone wears too much eyeliner, but I just keep coming back to the Original Series. 

I'm not sure quite what it says about me that I'm more ashamed of liking Trek than I am of liking boybands, but there it is.  I will say that my (continuing, if quieter now) love of popslash has spoiled me a bit. Mainly in terms of crack levels.  In popslash, whatever your freaky kink is, you're never alone.  Boys turn into girls, or grow wings, or travel everywhich way in time to meet (and bed) themselves.  I've read more than one Justin/Justin, for Christ's sake.  Now, TOS is a fandom where this kind of stuff is half an inch from canon.  Kirk's consciousness is transferred into a woman's body!  Kirk rides a shoddy transporter beam and is split into good fembot Kirk and bad caveman Kirk! Kirk gets exchanged for his parallel universe counterpart!  Kirk gets duplicated and he and his android doppelganger lie naked on a table together! And they both wear too much eyeliner!  All of this is *in the damn show*.  But can I find *one* measly Kirk/Kirk story, anywhere?  No.  I can't.  And it's starting to make me feel like some sort of deviant. I can't be the only one with this idea!  What's with the lack of crack?  When it's handed to you on a platter?  I ask you.

Hunh.  Not so wordless, apparently.  Yay for refuge in spangled trivia.
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