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Because why not.

Fandom's been passing me by a bit lately -- I've come down with quite a bad case of glandular fever, which means I've gone from being an insomniac to falling asleep every time I sit down.  Two days ago, I conked out with my head on the space bar and woke with a start 319 blank pages later.  That was weird.

I'm doing okay though, in the sense that life, y'know, continues. I'm getting better.  We're in holidays, so I don't have to fob off my tutoring sessions and even Pablo's has come to the party and helped me out:  I went to talk to the art teacher to explain why I couldn't life model for a while  (along the lines of: "I can't lift my arms or stand still without listing over," and he said: "Oh, that's fine, we'll use you for draping (and your musculature is still great)."  So now I go in, recline on something, get draped in fabric arranged in various folds and swirls and the students draw and shade the fabric. I haven't fallen asleep in class yet, but oh, I could.  I get paid for this.  Life is a pretty sweet fruit, I say.

In conclusion, I wonder what your subconcious is trying to tell you if you dream about Blair Sandburg in Oz.
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