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I spent this weekend visiting a friend in New Plymouth and I rode home yesterday on the Bus that Time Forgot. It was a night journey so there was bugger all to see out the window; the spotlight on my seat didn't work so I couldn't read anything; I wasn't sleepy and all the other passengers were zombies. Seven freaking hours of Shania Twain interspersed with static on the radio and lots of dark nothing.

I spent an hour resisting the urge to leap to my feet and ask if anyone wanted to play noughts and crosses, and three years yearning for the sweet embrace of the grave, and also a toilet.

But my weekend was great. I caught up with Cal, and

Thing was, I liked the characters. As... archetypes, I mean. The self-serving and brilliant bastard; the loyal son and good man; the playboy with no worldly sense at all; the mercenary; the trickster; the king. Even the Mary Sue, surprisingly enough. The actual characterisation and plotting and script on the other hand? Eh. Nearly every line was a clunker - only Eric Bana as Hector and Sean Bean as Odysseus came close to pulling them off, and Sean Bean had to contend with that horrible perm, too. Kudos. I love Bean. People have been bagging Orlando specifically, but I'll say that I didn't think he was any worse than the rest of them. I mean, really. What about Brad Pitt's "Epic Face"? And that trembly lip thing Hector's wife was doing every time the camera turned on her? Come on, now.

Two scenes I really liked: Paris crawling to his brother for protection (because, man. In front of Helen and his brother and everyone. And Paris hugging his brother's leg with this look on his face, like he knew living was going to be awful after this, but he was too scared not to. I liked that a lot.) and Priam in the tent with Achilles, putting his son before his pride. I'm all about the unheroic in an age of heroes, apparently.

In conclusion: pretty pretty pretty. And athletic. And naked. Okay, the liberal oiling was maybe a bit much, but am I complaining? No.

In other fandom news, I had DSL over the weekend, and took the opportunity to put the [ profile] footage_project to the use God intended. Thanks and love to everyone involved! I watched things that people have been talking about for years and I've never had the opportunity to see, what with living in the other hemisphere and everything. The Making of Pop! Everything that everyone's said about this show ever is absolutely true. Am full of mocking affection, with particular love and giggles for the timbertrick and Justin's earnest pronouncements about carrying the message of pop to the world. Love love love.

The HP kids just came on the news. Sweet baby Jesus, they've grown up well.


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