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Hello insomnia.

Life modeling has been achieved. I spent an hour and a half yesterday morning with my left arm outstretched at shoulder height and one leg slightly in front of the other. I didn't realise that staying still could be so tiring. But it was cool. I was worried about the cold (it was freezing yesterday and we were in this big drafty room), but it turned out that Pablo's has, like, eight little fan heaters and they were all trained on me. In the end, all the aspiring life drawers were shivering and wearing their coats and fingerless gloves the entire time, while I was toasty warm. I had fun, and resolved that potential meeting-these-people-out-of-class embarrassment was for wussies. Wellington's a small city, yes, but I can handle passing the odd art student in the street.

Of course, my resolve was tested (or, I dunno, maybe it's just further evidence that my life is a joke to someone, somewhere) when I stopped at a cafe later in the day for a coffee before work and 8 out of the 12 class members showed up at the same time. Who knew they went around in packs? I can honestly say I've never before had 8 people who have seen me naked standing behind me in the coffee queue, all at once. It was daunting. I smiled, in a sort of grimace-like way, and gave them a little wave. And ordered my coffee to go.

But, hey. I'll get used to it. And they admired my musculature, man.

I'm gonna go preen where nobody can see me.


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